When to Water House Plants

When to Water House Plants

Seems like a simple task right? Well yes and no. Knowing your plants and where they originate will help you figure out their needs. For example, a plant native to the jungles of South America will need more water than a cactus from the Mexican desert. A little research will go a long way.

So you know that your plant needs water, but how often should you water it? One of the worst things you can do to your house plant is over water it and let it sit in soggy soil. This leads to root rot which unfortunately is a death sentence for your plant.  A well draining pot will help and watering less than you think. Plants will ‘tell you’ if you’re not watering enough. The leaves will start to go limp and it will flop over. 

Not to worry if this happens, just water it thoroughly until it is completely saturated. Usually within a couple of hours to a day it will perk right up. 

Another way to tell if it needs water is by poking your finger about an inch into the soil.

 If you feel any moisture, it's not time to water yet. If it is dry, you can water it making sure to water thoroughly. Only watering the top few inches will not encourage the roots to grow deep and your plant will not thrive. 

The first step to keeping your house plants alive is learning when to water. It is an important step as i see so many new plant owners over water thinking they are doing something beneficial. A little bit of “neglect” wont harm your plant, so dont be afraid to let it dry out before you water next.