The Peperomia Collection
The Peperomia Collection
The Peperomia Collection
The Peperomia Collection

The Peperomia Collection

-The Rainbow Peperomia Ginny, also known as the Rainbow Peperomia, for its beautiful color. Their leaves have light green edges infused with hues of yellow and pink. Thanks to its thick succulent leaves, the Peperomia Ginny is able to adapt to a less strict watering schedule and makes for the perfect compact plant at any home or office. This adorable peperomia is also easily propagated to share with others.

-The Peperomia Obtusifolia is an incredibly attractive plant with its vibrant green shiny foliage. Peperomia is a succulent-like lower light houseplants that add a nice touch to any room. This is an easy-care plant as it is drought tolerant and rarely requires fertilization. Therefore, this is perfect for the forgetful indoor gardener! Thrives in medium to bright indirect light but can tolerate low indirect light. Not suited for intense, direct sun.

-The Peperomia Hope is happiest in bright, indirect light. This means that there are a variety of locations it will thrive in your home—it can be as simple as a window that gets morning sun. Less is more when it comes to watering these. Let them dry out in between watering. It is both pet safe, and said to be air cleaning. Peperomia Hope thrives when rootbound, so you won’t need to worry about repotting this one for a while.

---Comes with detailed Care Guides.

---The sizes and shapes of the plant may differ from the pictures. They all come from a 4-inch pot.


Save $33 when buying this collection versus buying individually.



Size Guide


2" diameter

4"-7" height


4" diameter

6"-18" height


6" diameter

10" to 24" height


8"-10" diameter

2.5'-4' height


10" diameter

4'-5' height

*Plant heights are measured from the bottom of the nursery pot.


Light Chart

Still unsure about the type of lighting you receive? Email us at for assistance.

Our Policy

What does the LAG cover?

- Dead or severely damaged plants. We are not responsible for plant damages due to shipping delays/issues.
- All packages that meet the requirements listed below

What does LAG not cover?

- Minor foliage damage
- Plants which froze after their delivery*
- Lost or stolen packages**
- Plants damaged as a result of shipping delays of 7 or more days

*We guarantee that the plant will arrive alive, but cannot guarantee that it will survive once delivered if left in extreme temperatures for more than two (2) hours.

If the plants do arrive severely damaged or dead, we ask that you contact us within TWO (2) hours of delivery, accompanied by photos documenting the damage. After the initial TWO (2) hours, LAG becomes void, and any claims made thereafter will be handled at our discretion.

Please note, the limited amount of time given to file a claim (two hours) is only to ensure that the plant is not left outside in extreme weather conditions for an extended period of time before retrieval. We guarantee the plant will arrive alive, but cannot guarantee that it will survive being left in extreme temperatures for more than an hour. We advise that you pay close attention to package tracking notifications which you may sign up for with the carrier using the tracking number you receive with each order.

**We do not file claims for lost, stolen, or damaged packages, but we will be happy to assist you in filing one individually.

Thank you all so much! Remember, stay calm, and all good things come in green.

Happiness Guaranteed

Our #1 priority here at Belle Décor Plants is your satisfaction and happiness. Which means we stand by our products 100% no matter what! If you have a problem, we will solve it. Whatever it takes!!

We guarantee that the plant you receive will be in a good and healthy condition. We take great care packaging your plants to ensure that they arrive intact and just as nice as when we packed them.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will be more than happy to replace or reimburse you. 

Please see our Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) on our LAG page.

From our Family, to Yours


Your new favorite piece of wall decor! The wall mounted plaques feature similar hanging hardware to a painting or picture frame.

Simply install your preferred nail, pin, or screw and hang it on there, easy peasy! We like to make it as simple as possible, they can be applied to any surface!

You don't have to perfectly measure the distance between 2 hardware... Just find a good placement on your wall, put in a nail, and voilà!


We make plant care as easy as getting a glass of water from the sink.

What's the secret?

Simply fill a bowl with water and soak the moss ball in water for approximately 20 minutes, once every 1-2 weeks.

Our wall mounted plants get the perfect amount of oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to stay happy and healthy with minimal upkeep.


We are a Family-Owned and Operated business, so when you buy from us, you are supporting a real family and providing for real people.

Each wall mounted plaque and moss ball is handcrafted in our Western North Carolina workshop. Materials include responsibly sourced domestic hard woods, all-natural finishing products, and responsibly sourced moss.

We are so blessed to be able to come together as a family and provide people with happy houseplants and its all thanks to you! Thank You! and Please tell a friend!

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